About the team


Battlefield Bus Tours organizes bus trips to First and Second World War places and was founded by Anne Ratterman. Since my childhood I have been interested in the stories and events of the Second World War. After studying International Tourism Management at the NHTV in Breda, I decided to fulfil my passion and started to organize trips to places where a history took place that should never be forgotten. I am currently working on the entire organization of the upcoming tours to Normandy, Auschwitz, the Battle of the Bulge, Market Garden, WW1 tour; Ieper and the Somme and the Battle of the Scheldt and will also do everything in my power to ensure the experience during the travels to the last detail for everyone who comes with us. The mission of these journeys is to have the story conveyed of the events that took place during the First and Second World War and to commemorate the victims of these wars.

Anne Ratterman


The guides would also like to introduce themselves to you. My name is Danny aka "Bones" and I live in beautiful Limburg. After my period as a professional soldier, I started to delve more and more into the history of the Second World War. This is partly due to the history that my family had to experience during this war. For several years I am also an active collector of WW2 items and I study the history of the Second World War. For 4 years I have been an active member of the re-enactment association Triple A. We hereby introduce the people to living history. How did our liberators live at the time, what material did they have at their disposal, etc. We will show you all this at various events throughout the Netherlands. In recent years I have built the most beautiful contacts with the Battlefield Tours, I have learned more about the history and I have received more respect for what the liberators had done for us. As a battlefield Tour guide I will take you to the memorial sites of the victims and the resting places of our allied liberators. Here I will tell the stories and facts of how our liberators fought fiercely to liberate Europe. Hope to see you soon!



My name is Ton Broers. I love to Walk, cycle and ride on and over the battlefields from the First and Second World War in western Europe. In recent years I have conducted dozens of Battle Tours for various groups, both soldiers and civilians. A tour in the surroundings of Oosterbeek and Arnhem in the footsteps of the British Airborn is part of the Market Garden operation. But also amphibious landings in Walcheren and Normandy (1944) over the Grebbeberg (1940) or the battle in the Ardennes (1944) is one of my expertise. I also have extensive experience in giving lectures and presentations to both soldiers and civilians (schools). My entire working life I have worked at the Marine Corps. I have participated in military operations all over the world under the most diverse climatic conditions. I can use my practical military experience to give these tours (lectures) extra content.



We also have another team member who is mainly involved as a tour guide and as a Marketing assistant. My name is Titus Wiltjer and I live in Venlo. I am a former truck / bus driver and due to circumstances I can no longer carry out my profession. As I like being with people and having something to do, I am a good volunteer at Battlefield bus tours. I've always been interested in World War II, but I couldn't do much about it except watching movies. Then you get a son-in-law who knows so much that he is even a guide, yes, Danny aka "bones". He once invited me to join a Battlefield bus tour and since then I have become more and more interested in WW2. Now I go regularly and as a Travel Agent I make myself useful by assisting Anne with the organization, helping Danny by keeping the group together as much as possible during the excursions and I help with keeping the bus clean and with parking on difficult places. Oh yes I also take pictures of the tours and in Normandy I have the privilege of being able to guide at the American cemetery Colleville sur Mer and tell some interesting stories about the heroes who are buried here. Together we are a strong team!



Finally, we have added a new member to our team, Stephanie. My name is Stephanie van Leeuwen and I live in the province of Utrecht. I work at the Mediapark in Hilversum, in addition to my current job, I am also a back-up tour leader at Battlefield Bus Tours. Where does my interest in WW2 come from? I received this from home, and we also had guest lectures at primary school from survivors from the concentration camps and from veterans, and the school also had a number of monuments to maintain. After that I never lost my interest in WW2. A few years ago I went to Normandy with Battlefield Bus Tours, for me this was a very special / unforgettable experience. After this trip I also decided to make all other trips with this team, creating very valuable friendships. That is how I joined the team as a back-up tour leader. I hope to be able to make beautiful memorable trips with you.